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February 2013

Yoga & Organizing?

I participate in a monthly call - a national gathering of Holistic Organizers who meet to learn and discuss ways in which we can and do incorporate holistic and spiritual practices into the lives of our daily careers and the work that we do with our clients.  Tonight's topic, Yoga & Organizing, sounded like two separate things to me.  

Here's what I learned.

I guess the basic goals are the same for both - form, peace, health - to name a few.  And, although the paths are different, each can support the other.

So many yoga positions rely upon the practice of balance.  Balancing our mind and body through yoga can reflect in or be reflected by the balanced or unbalanced environments we live in.

Breathing and grounding techniques practiced in yoga are known to boost brain function.  In organizing, this helps with our decision making capabilities.  How often do you wonder, 'Where do I start?'  'Should I keep this or let it go?'  'How should I set up this room?'  It's hard to think when your mind is cluttered just as it is hard to function when your space is cluttered.

A short session of controlled yoga breathing and/or exercise helps to unite our bodies and spirits.  If we can claim control of the health and well-being of our selves, we can take the next step and ask who is in control of our spaces?  Do we have the authority to make decisions about the organization of our bedrooms, offices and other environments?  If not, who does? 

I think I will take a deep breath this week and treat myself to myself.  I'll try a session or two of yoga. 

The Memory or The Life?

"We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give."
- Winston Churchill

 This is a picture of my daughter sitting on a paint can "helping" her dad paint a room in our house.  She is wearing one of my favorite outfits of hers.  This was about 20 years ago.

Today, as I dressed, I decided I wanted to wear a skirt.  Since it's fairly cold out, I wanted to wear some nice warm stocking or tights to go with it.  And so my search began.

You see, I haven't worn stocking in quite a while and don't wear them often anyway.  I went through four pair before throwing in the towel and grabbing a pair of slacks.  You see, some got runs in them as soon as I went to pull them up.  Others just didn't have the elastic to stay on properly.  Ugh, so exasperating!

Well, I suppose it's time for me to go through that drawer and do some purging and re-stocking (ha-Ha!).

Elastic is one of those things that just don't last forever.  Most things don't.  So why do feel like we are loosing something if we don't hold on to them forever?  

Do you know what happens to the boxes and boxes of cute little baby clothes we hang on to because of the memories they hold?  Most often, they sit in the basement or attic for many, many years.  When the boxes are opened, some are remembered, some are not and many are covered in crumbled elastic or have been visited by a critter or two.

The beautiful things we are lucky enough to have bless our lives with joy.  Consider passing them down or passing them on to bless yet another life and let the child continue to bless your own.

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